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diomaxwelle [userpic]


November 26th, 2008 (11:54 am)

What can I say that hasn't been said here: http://www.randomlunacy.blogspot.com/
and here: http://diomaxwelle.deviantart.com/journal/21430110/

Obviously, not much. I guess them's the breaks.

diomaxwelle [userpic]

Horses of Different Colors

June 1st, 2008 (12:27 am)
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current song: She Got You High, by Mumm-Ra

In the past few weeks:

-Maya kicked my ass. As did my habitat project.
-Non-fiction, i might have failed. I'm looking to repeat some classes, if not almost every one of them.
-Fanime. It was pretty good.
-Brawl....I need to get better.
-Updated blog and DA.
-Got back into Pokemon after another dry spell. Its good to be back.
-Got back into crossplay. Yeah.
-Went back to sewing.
-Started painting more.
-Started drawing more.

Been eventful. I love summer.

diomaxwelle [userpic]

Brawl Diaries, part 2

April 29th, 2008 (08:48 am)

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current mood: amused
current song: NiGHTS JOurney of Dreams soundtrack

Advanced PK skills are for losers. XD
I love Lucas' expression in the last panel. Its so....well, Lucas.

diomaxwelle [userpic]

Brawl Diaries, part 1

April 27th, 2008 (01:18 pm)
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current mood: accomplished
current song: Mei's Theme

Let's start nice n' easy. I don't play fighting games very much, if at all. I'm story-based person so my genres of choice are usually the survival horror, the adventure, and the RPG, sometimes the action game. I just can't gel with that quarter circle crap. My fingers just don't do it, unless its NiGHTS and I have an analog thumbscrew. XD I just can't keep up w/ all the button combos and stuff.

But the one fighter I will play is Super Smash Bros. I got into Smash later than most; I never owned an N64 when it came out. It was the mid-ninties Mascot War, and I was a firm supporter of Sega, and let's face it, I didn't have a job, so I could only afford one system (though my family did get a PS, so that was nice). So no N64 for me. I had a Gamecube later though (for Crystal Chronicles XD), and so I went and got Smash.

My choices in fighters, when I am roped into playing, are usually either the fast characters, or the chicks. Melee offered me both, but I just never found Peach satisfying (too floaty for me), nor did I like Zelda/Sheik or Samus (I just didn't know how to use them). Link was slow, but I did like Young Link. He offered me something I couldn't refuse in a game w/ floating platforms: a floaty, life-saving up B. God, i fell down in that game so damn much that my favorite place to play in had to be Earthbound/Mother 2's Onett.

I personally believe tiering in games is bullshit, and that's because I suck. XD I also developed a severe hatred of all Fire Emblem characters in all the Smash games (I swear, they are WAY to fucking overpowered. Seriously). I tried using other characters, I REALLY wanted to learn Ness.

Come ON. Look at him. He's adorable. But I couldn't use him; his up B, PK Thunder, doesn't do what Link's does, and to use it as a saving move required skill I never had. I loved the bat, the yo-yo was tops, but....well, PK and me didn't mix.

I'm getting to why I posted a pic of Lucas from Mother 3, ok? Saidtobeavirtue, suckers. XD

Ok, so let's jet to when the Wii came out. Everyone bought it for Brawl, let's be honest. It wasn't near being finished, but that was the game that would make or break the system, something I believe Nintendo CANNOT afford to so (not so much as in money, but more as in position in the gaming world). Ok, I'll cop to it, I bought it cuz it was cuter and cheaper. XD I can't afford a 360 or a PS3/Blu Ray Player.

And NiGHTS came out on it. Hells to the fucking yes. More on that some other time.

I finally bought Brawl about a week, maybe 10 days ago. I'd seen the projected fighters list (T_T what happened to the animal crossing character???), and while everyone was getting accquainted with Sonic and Zero-Suit Samus and Meta Knight, I wondered who I would use. I'm a YL player, so I assumed I'd be using Toon Link, but the road to unlocking him was more arduous that I realized (Sub-space Emissary is longer than I anticipated). I tried Sonic, and while he plays to my strengths, I didn't like the prospect of revisting my old falling down habit. Link's back, so that was ok (boomerang's different).

I sat down with SSE first, just to see what the story was like. HOLY COW, I can't believe you could have such an engaging story w/o dialogue. XD It was pretty neat seeing all the characters interact with each other, in addition to let you test-drive every character as you go along.

Eventually, I get an idea of who I like and who I don't (gaaaahhhh, Yoshi?? XP), and then along comes Lucas. I couldn't tell you i loved him the moment I saw him. I mean, i knew what his chapter would entail: me essentially trying to control Ness, just like in Melee and sucking horrendously. But....I dunno, something about his sweet and helpless nature made me like him. First boss fight w/ Porky made me want to throw my Wavebird at the wall; I couldn't get Ness or Lucas to do what i wanted. They were so different from Link (and Mario for that matter) that I just gave up and spammed what I could and hoped that when the fight was over, I could switch to another character that wasn't Earthbound related.

Wario got Ness who saved Lucas in a fit of Niichan loyalty. I can't say that i hated that; in fact I was rather impressed. But, it left me with Lucas, which was sad, but not as sad as me knowing what i had to get into later.

Pokemon Trainer is the fucking shiznet. Seriously, his first debut, showing Lucas how its REALLY done was pretty neat. Squirtle was cool too.

Later on, I'm getting used to learning Lucas. By the time Wario shows up, and Lucas is less "Take the Aggro, PT, don't let them get me!" and much more "You son of a bitch, you statued my best friend, i'm gonna bust a PK Thunder up your fat ASS", I think that was the moment I set aside my frustration w/ Lucas and really looked at what he brought to the table. After seeing his character finally realize he needs to step up and stop running made me fall in love. Right after getting Charizard, and seeing him and PT take the giant robot thing in total stride, I knew I couldn't use anyone else.

I'm a Lucas player, and I'm loving every moment. Sure, he doesn't have the yo-yo, or a real bat (he's whacking fighters w/ a tree branch, people), or even a PK Fire that can be angled or stun people w/ burn animations like Ness. Sure, I can't find a single use for PK Freeze cuz I can't hit people with it. Sure, he's got stubby arms and legs, just like Ness.

You know what Lucas does have? A wicked up Smash. A less dodgeable PK Starstorm. A down Smash that can hit on both sides as well as look fucking awesome. A Rope snake w/ a decent throw distance. A sweet down air attack. A goddamn stick for his Homerun bat. His up taunt. A floaty double jump. Hair like soft-serve ice cream. Hangs w/ PT and Ness on a regular Brawling basis. And he's the cutest little psycher I have ever laid eyes on.

I still don't believe in tiering, despite being told that Earthbound characters are still considered top tier. I don't use Ness and Lucas because their good (in fact, they're pretty hard until you know what you're doing). I use Lucas because I like him, and because he's a lot of fun.

And when was the last time you had FUN in a video game?

diomaxwelle [userpic]

My head is nowhere near my neck right now

April 6th, 2008 (12:06 pm)
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current mood: amused

Fuuuuu, Evil is as Evil does.

Drama Drama Drama Drama

Oh...wut? XD

I can has a blog.

Ok. No more Coke for me.

diomaxwelle [userpic]

So...I Got a LJ

March 18th, 2008 (08:31 am)

current mood: curious

Cuz I'm far too lazy to fix my archives on my other blog. So.

I'm here. How do work this thing? XD

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